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1st & 2nd May 2022

 SÆXIA joined with our sister Anglo-Saxon Reenactment Group, Swords of Penda, along with others like Brumvik  Age of Penda for the first May Bank Holiday at Tutbury Castle, as it had been rumoured a large Dane Army was nearby, threatening our neighbouring Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia and its king, Burgred. As competent warriors of West Sæxia, our king Ælfred tasked us to assist Burgred in any way possible to secure Mercia against the Dane threat. Our own defeat a couple of years earlier at Wiltun resulted in an unsteady peace between West Sæxia and the Dane leaders, Ubba and Ivar the Boneless. However, as they murmur in the coastal towns across the country, Danes only keep the peace until the silver runs out...







 29th MAY, 19th JUNE, 30th JULY 2022

 The second May Bank Holiday of 2022 saw SÆXIA joined by one of our affiliate early medieval reenactment groups Swords of Penda, to hold an Anglo Saxon day based at  Durlston Castle & Country Park on Sunday 29th May. Featured so far have been activities and interactive Living History setups, from demonstrating timber processing with the Seax and Bearded Axe, to have-a-go archery, and reenactment combat display.

The location at the Country Park has been chosen as it has a commanding view over the Solent and the approach to Poole Harbour, aswell as the sweeping view of Durlston bay and the channel out to the South/East. From here the Purbeck Fyrd (Anglo-Saxon militia) will tell the other side of the Viking story, from the point of view of those who stood against the pirate raiders and successfully defended Wessex! 




20th - 26th JUNE 2022

 Mercenaries from the kingdom of the West Saxons joined the army of King Penda of Mercia, last Pagan king of the Anglo Saxons, at this years Chalke Valley History Festival.  This years festival was opened by the Duchess of Cornwall, and featured such guest speakers as Ian Hislop and Dan Snow. 



SÆXIA sent representatives to join the local FYRD (Saxon Militia) at Chiltern Open Air Museum after reports came of a band of Dane warriors who'd breached the boundaries of the Danelaw... Fun & Education in the hot sun, featuring a Living History encampment, have-a-go archery & axe throwing, and combat displays...



2022 saw the return of the hugely popular Swanage Carnival, which, like so many others across the country, have been forced to postpone due to the pandemic. On Sunday 31st July the Carnival kicked off with the Carnival Procession, before which our Sæxia reps were awarded 2nd prize for best dressed entries! Sæxia was represented by Ældorman Wulfhelm and Thegn Ædwulf, bringing up the rear of the Procession and flying the West Saxon Fyrdsmen Cerdicingæs banner of Æthelwulf Cyng (visible in top picture) 



AUGUST 14th 2022

 SÆXIA was honoured to assist "Visit Wareham" in promoting and taking part in the Wareham Saxon Festival 2022, a full twenty years after the last Saxon Festival was held! Aswell as our little Living History area we ran the have-a-go archery and axe throwing, and put on demonstrations of our signature Fyrd Combat Training System display fights, all in rather extreme heat wave conditions!




September 3rd & 4th 2022

 SÆXIA joined Swords of Penda and Age of Penda to put on an Early Medieval Event weekend at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire, running the have-a-go Axe Throwing and Archery along with taking part in musical and combat displays, and the popular "Kings Court" public feature, where tribute was brought before the mighty king Penda of Mercia..!








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