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(Above: "sharps" archery aiming at the "mark" for our own accuracy training, developing the skill required for public event combat archery demonstration)

  SÆXIA regularly demonstrate and offer have-a-go archery sessions in a variety of formats, with our specialty being live event archery instruction and demonstrations using both blunted-reenactment tipped arrows and "sharps". Fully insured and experienced, we train regularly through the year to ensure we bring something exciting and new both for our visiting public, and for those wanting a hands-on experience. 

(Above: junior archery at the Wareham Saxon Festival 2022)

 SÆXIA always strives to bring something unique and out of the ordinary to its events, and with archery there is no exception. We specialise in featuring both long range and short range live combat archery displays, with live "target" combatants advancing from a distance under fire into close quarters range, and thereby demonstrating both the long range archery techniques and counter defensive reactive shield work, along with close quarters archery techniques and counter defense, including the close range use of sharp arrows and other projectiles like throwing axes and spears. We have instructed other reenactment groups in developing their own skillsets in this area, aswell as leading archery and projectiles teams for film work. 

(Above: demonstrating archery with a recurve bow at Durlston Castle in 2022)

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